At around 7pm we were at Stanley, County Durham, dh9 on behalf Justice4Kids To confront Craig Gilbert, 28 about his online activity.
Craig had been talking to what he believed to be a 14 year old child (decoy) asking for sex and sexual activity, he sent pictures of his penis and also offered the child(decoy) cash to be his “sex toy”.

His name on the app is “want unda gf” which to me reads “wants an underage girlfriend”

The police soon turned up and took him into custody.

There are 2 Craig Gilbert’s that live In Stanley this one we caught, and the second and not to be confused with the first in any way, is a hard working family man, this is not the first time the innocent Craig has been mistaken for guilty Craig and it’s just unfortunate that he shares the same name.

If you have suffered at the hands of this man then please do not hesitate to contact northumbria police. If you cannot find the courage to do this please contact us and we can submit your report/evidence anonymously.


Craig has since been re-released on bail with the sane conditions.

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