Simon Robert Bailey

Senior Police Officer

Norfolk Constabulary.

On the 11th of April once again Simon Bailey has hit mainstream media….

“paedophile hunters are putting children at risk”

Despite hundreds of paedosadists being taken off our streets by hunters.

BBC breakfast news recently said, over 150 suspects were charged in the last year.

So why is Simon so against hunters ?

as we know Simon came forward and said low risk paedophiles should not be sent to prison….
“low level offenders should simply be placed on the sex offenders register and given counselling and rehabilitation instead”

Tell us BAILEY, what exactly is a “low risk paedophile” ? There is no such thing!
“We’re able to asses whether a paedophile viewing indecent images of children is posing a threat of contact abuse and in circumstances where that individual does not pose a threat of contact abuse they should still be arrested, but we can then look at different disposal orders than going through the formal criminal justice system,”
“They will still become a registered sex offender and that means that they’re still being managed. But that gives us the capacity to deal with the scale and the volume of referrals that we’re consistently getting.”
Bailey went on to say, there are basically too many to lock them all up.

So we should just push their sickening crimes under the carpet and let them roam our streets ? I don’t think so.

Again i ask why is Bailey so against..

1) paedophile hunters?

2) sending paedophiles to prison ?

I’m just going to put this out there, you can decide for yourself….
Simon Bailey was the head of Opernation Hydrant. That’s probably got you thinking already.

Operation Hydrant is a police investigation into allegations of “non-recent” child sexual abuse. It co-ordinates a number of other investigations by police forces throughout the United Kingdom.
Operation Hydrant was set up when it became apparent that Forces around the country were investigating a significant number of non-recent allegations of sexual abuse involving persons of public prominence or within institutions.
In May 2015, Operation Hydrant had information on “1433 suspects of which 216 are deceased, 666 suspects related to institutions, 261 classified as people of public prominence, [of which] 506 are classified as unidentified, [and] 357 institutions have been identified within the scope of the operation”.

As of December 2015 there was 2,228 suspects under investigation, of whom 302 are classified as of “public prominence”, (including 99 politicians and 147 celebrities from the media), and 1,217 operated within institutions (including 86 religious institutions, 39 medical establishments, 25 prisons/young offenders institutes, 22 sports venues, 10 community institutions, 81 other institutions such as guest houses, and 6 unknown). 286 were dead, and 554 classified as unknown or unidentified. Of the prominent suspects, 39 were from the music industry and 17 from the world of sport.

How many of the 2,000 suspects were arrested ? NONE, that’s how many, 0 arrests. Why ?

Why hasn’t Bailey arrested any suspects ?

Why doesn’t Bailey want paedophiles locked up ?

Why is Bailey against paedophile hunters ?

Is it because he is covering up something much bigger ?

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