Tonight we were at the Teams in #Gateshead to assist Justice4Kids,and @OneReason , to confront Carl Hart who’s real name has been confirmed as David Hart about his online activity with numerous children(decoys).

David/Carl was very explicit in his requests for sex and sexual activity, and wanted them all to call him daddy.

David/Carl had arranged a meet tonight but pulled out so We got confirmation of his address and attended with the other 2 teams.

David/Carl failed to answer the door for us so we called the police who quickly attended and got him to open the door where they arrested him and carried out a search of his property.

The video is short as it all happened so fast but the main thing he is arrested and now in police custody.

Thanks to all teams involved in this as it was quite a complex case that is potentially alot bigger then than we first thought.

We woukd like to say the comments they were shouted at him on the way to the van were from the public and none of the teams in attendance.

Please be reminded that Geordie Chasers do not condone and Violence,Hatred or Harassment towards any individual and anything of this sort should be reported to police. 

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