Tonight we were in Embelton near Alnwick to confront Ryan white, 22, about his online activity with what started out with a real 9 year old child he contacted via instagram.

We were contacted by the father of the child and we promptly took over the account as he had contacted us early enough to do so.

Ryan was absolutely vile in his conversations, sending explicit images of himself and demanding ones back.

We turned up to his place of work who allowed us to carry out what we were there for and he was shortly arrested. He is now in police custody.

If you have suffered at the hands of this man then please do not hesitate to contact northumbria police. If you cannot find the courage to do this please contact us and we can submit your report/evidence anonymously.

update (20/03/2019), caught for the second time in a matter of months.

Last(20/03/2019) night at around 21:45pm we were in Embleton to confront YET AGAIN Ryan white,21.

We have had anonymous reports that Ryan was back on Instagram trying to chat with real children and offering cash for ‘nudes’, obviously we directed them to the police. 

Then low and behold who should make contact with one of our decoys?…. you got it, Mr white!!

Now because the last time we caught him it involved a REAL child plus the potential for him to be talking to more REAL children along with the speed he got sexual with our decoy we payed him ANOTHER visit to bring him BACK to the attention of the police.

This man is a danger to children and should not be aloud anywhere near social media!!

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